Commercial advice for manager-owners in Private Equity situations

Since 2008 we have advised manager-owners in the interaction with Private Equity investors with a focus on management equity participations and general management incentive topics. We solely advice manager-owners and not Private Equity investors to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

Our extensive experience and focus on manager-owner interests as well as on Private Equity allows specialized commercial advice on the highest professional level. All financial models, analyses and recommendations are developed, prepared and presented by the partners of MPT.


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Management equity participation at Sino

Comparison of different participation structures

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In 2017 MPTransaction and Jamieson Corporate Finance decided to team-up under MPTJamieson to advice management teams and entrepreneurs in large cap private equity transactions in Germany and Austria and since 2020 in Australia.

MPTJamieson combines the longstanding track record and local presence of MPT in Germany and the resources and international network with offices in London, New York and Madrid from Jamieson. MPT and Jamieson together advised more than 50 transaction in 2019. With the longstanding experience of its seven partners and 15 professionals is MPTJamieson the leading international advisor to management teams and entrepreneurs in large cap private equity transactions.

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Benefits for manager-owners

  • Support on the highest professional level by experienced and highly qualified specialists
  • 100% focus on manager-owner interests – professional support without conflicts of interest
  • Strong network in the German Private Equity industry

Benefits for Private Equity

  • Transparent and efficient negotiation processes
  • Mediation in negotiation dead-lock situations
  • Proven bandwith of alternative participation and incentive programs


December 2019